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Macadamias and Pecans

Macadamias and Pecans

Today we are shining the spotlight on two of the most flavourful nuts on the trees, Pecans and Macadamias.

Native to Australia but consumed with delight around the world, Macadamia nuts are as beautiful in taste as they are to look at. Loved for their buttery taste and encased in a hard protective shell, Macadamias contain one the highest levels of monosaturated fats of all tree nuts. Although your average consumer is most likely not aware of what a monosaturated fat is, or the value of them, it means that Macadamia nuts are high in omega 7 and 9, contributing towards improved wellness - something that consumers are definitely aware of and strive towards. 

This alluring taste and positive nutritional pack, means that they are a valuable addition to snacks, sweet, and savoury applications. They add texture, a buttery flavour (without the butter) and a source of healthy fats, like avocados and sunflower seeds. Whilst we are seeing them pop up in a variety of savoury applications from cheeses to hummus, they shine in equal measure when tossed in sweet and savoury applications, be in coconut and pineapple or wasabi and matcha.  

Similarly, Pecans are also straddling the line between traditional applications and the innovative culinary creations born out of the blurring of boundaries between sweet and salty appearing in everything, from cocktails to pate. This does not mean that consumers are not still loving them in their traditional applications, with the UK-based Rude Health recently adding a line of maple pecan granola, said to be the second fastest growing flavour in the wider cereal category in the UK.

Pecans offer a well-rounded flavour that is familiar to all consumers, whether looking for comfort or creativity. It offers texture, with sweet and rich flavour to any application. And with the highest fat content of any other tree nut, it makes them a great addition for developers and chefs looking for richness and body in their culinary creations.

Macadamia Pieces
These size 6 Macadamia pieces are a delicious crunchy snack, that are also perfect for baked goods.

  • Origin: Australia.

  • Colour: Cream. 

  • Carton: 10kg.

  • Halal and Kosher Certified.

Mammoth Pecan Halves
The perfect nut for salads and baked treats including the famous pecan pie!

  • Origin: USA.

  • Halal and Kosher Certified.

  • Colour: Amber.

  • Carton: 13.61kg.