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Grains and Seeds

Grains and Seeds

New ancient grains and seeds burst onto the scene years ago and have planted themselves solidly in the mainstream as pantry favourites, as the internet offers easy access to thousands of new and creative ways to use ingredients.

But as soil salinity becomes an increasingly pressing issue in farming, traditional crops are being cultivated in large numbers. These traditional crops like quinoa, potatoes, and carrots are naturally more resistant to high salinity soil and are therefore the focus of a lot of gene-editing, as they are already predisposed to thrive in the harsher climate that is becoming the norm. 

Quinoas remarkable nutritional profile and tolerance to harsh conditions and saline rich soils makes it an ideal crop choice for those living in marginalised farming areas. ICBA (International Center for Biosaline Australia) and Silal have been running the UAE’s first commercial quinoa trials and from 121 different quinoa strains, have discovered 3 ‘elite’ quinoa strains that have been successfully tested in 7 key middle eastern countries. These elite lines all feature quinoa’s signature high protein, fibre and fatty acid content, making them a fantastic source of nutrition.

From a taste and flavour stand point, quinoa along with other grains and seeds, are appearing in a range of applications, adding much desired texture to everything from chocolate truffles, to jams and croissants. Grains like quinoa are increasingly being added to sweet treats and desserts, not only to improve texture and nutritional make up, but also their high fibre content slows down the absorption of sugar into the body, avoiding those all so dangerous sugar highs and the inevitable lows.

Also lauded for similar reasons, chia seeds continue to be celebrated for their ultra-high protein content, omega 3, fibre and calcium. Consumers continue to strive for mindful consumption, opting for natural products with benefits for the mind and body. Chia seeds are playing a fundamental role in reinventing categories that are most scrutinised as a result of this consumer shift, namely cereal and snacking. The US’ Sweet Nothings brand has taken healthy breakfast on the go, with personally portioned Acai bowls, fortified with chia seeds and flax seeds. 

Grains and seeds like these are welcomed and accepted in the mainstream and it is now up to the creativity of brands and manufacturers to continue to harness their benefits, and apply them in new and innovative ways.


White Quinoa (Organic)
Originating from the Andean region, Quinoa's nutty and slightly crunchy texture makes the perfect replacement for rice, as well as a great addition to salads and soups.

  • Carton: 10kg.

  • Origin: Bolivia.

  • Colour: White/Cream.


Black Chia Seeds
Did you know that Chia Seeds absorb 12 times their body weight when soaked in water?

  • Origin: Bolivia/Argentina.

  • Colour: Black.

  • Carton: 25kg.