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Dairy in all its Glory

Dairy in all its Glory

Dairy in its many shapes and forms has its crucial role in both the savoury and sweet worlds. Whether it’s that knob of butter to finish off a steak pan sauce, or the caramelisation of condensed milk to finish off banoffee pie, it’s a prized ingredient. Let’s dive into some milk-based ingredients and utilize dairy to its full potential. 

Powdered Goodness 
Overlooked by its liquid counterpart, milk powder is a product that deserves its own spotlight for its convenience, versatility, and the vital role it plays in many recipes.  

Milk powder is made by pasteurisation, separation, and spray drying of fresh milk. Once dehydrated, it can simply be rehydrated with water to become milk again! The potential uses and benefits of this innovative ingredient are limitless -simply put, it can do everything normal milk can do, and more. Milk powder can be added to soups for a heartwarming creamy texture, or used in baked concoctions to elevate flavour by bringing that milky goodness.   

Being a dehydrated product means that the shelf life is extremely long compared to its liquid version, boasting an impressive 18 months best before date from production. Dehydration also offers cheaper, and more environmentally friendly ways of transportation as it does not require constant refrigeration and maintenance.  

Milky Elixir
Rich, pure dairy pleasure– that’s what condensed milk brings to any creation in the kitchen. Created from a concoction of fresh milk and sugar boiled down to a rich, concentrated liquid, it serves as a flavour bomb in both the sweet and savoury worlds. Like its cousin Milk Powder, the process of evaporating milk means condensed milk has longer shelf life and can be kept conveniently in the pantry. A dash of condensed milk goes a long way – try adding a dash of condensed milk to a spicy curry for notes of creaminess and sweetness, or venture into crafting a classic Tres Leches cake for a luxurious, milky experience. 

From Udder to Butter
What is it about butter that makes it such an indispensable ingredient in the household? Maybe it’s the simplicity of how easy it is to use, or its impressively long shelf life, or even its ability to elevate flavour and texture in both the savoury and sweet worlds. Butter is one of those ingredients that is a must have for the home cook to world renowned chef.  Picture butter perfectly sliced over a warm, crusty toast, or layered in a croissant for a cross section to feed the eyes, or deliciously succulent steak sautéed with butter and garlic, the possibilities are endless with this widely adored ingredient.  


Full Cream Milk Powder
This milk powder has been produced by spray drying pasteurised milk.

  • Origin: New Zealand.

  • Halal and Kosher.

  • Carton: 25kg.

  • Colour: Light Cream.


Sweetened Condensed Milk
Made from just two ingredients (Cows Milk & Sugar) to create a deliciously thick condensed milk, perfect for creating sweet treats.

  • 9% Fat.

  • Origin: Netherlands.

  • Halal Certified.

  • Carton: 13kg.


Unsalted Butter
Quality butter that has been produced from fresh sweet cream, pasteurised and churned. 

  • Origin: Australia.

  • Halal and Kosher Certified:

  • Carton: 25kg.