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Flavour and Spice

Flavour and Spice

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is king. Consumers are constantly seeking options to satisfy their culinary cravings, while saving time in their fast paced lives. However, alongside this desire for simplicity, there's a growing demand for bold and adventurous flavours that tantalize the taste buds. Gone are the days of one dimensional flavours.

This duality of needs has led to a significant expansion of the condiment aisle, where seasoning sachets, sauces and pastes abound are offering consumers the ability to effortlessly sprinkle and drizzle their dishes with an abundance of flavour. One notable trend in this flavourful landscape is the rising popularity of named chilis in the hot sauce aisle. These chilis not only denote their country of origin but also serve as a badge of distinction, allowing consumers to explore a variety of flavours and heat levels.

Moreover, consumers are increasingly drawn to the allure of regional authenticity in their culinary adventures. While global cuisine fusion continues to thrive, there's a newfound appreciation for the nuances and intricacies of traditional Indian, Mexican, and Asian flavours. Cooking techniques are being celebrated and practiced, and thanks to globalization authentic ingredients are taking centre stage, providing a deeper and more immersive culinary experience.

What truly captivates consumers is the opportunity to challenge their preconceived notions of cuisine and embark on a journey of culinary escapism around the globe. While beloved classics like Tex-Mex and chicken tikka masala hold a special place in our hearts, it's the authenticity and depth of flavour offered by regionally inspired dishes that truly leave a lasting impression.

In essence, as consumers continue to seek convenience and familiarity in their culinary endeavours, they're also embracing the bold and exciting flavours that add a sense of adventure to their dining experiences. From the fiery kick of named chilis to the rich tapestry of regional authenticity, today's food trends are as diverse and dynamic as the palates they aim to satisfy. So, why not spice up your offering with a dash of global inspiration and embark on a flavourful journey unlike any other.

Whole Stemless Chilli
These whole dried and ripened fruits from the Capsicum family have a pungent aroma and biting, hot flavour. 

  • Origin: India.

  • Colour: Red/Red Orange.

  • Carton: 20kg.

  • Heat: Approx. 40,000 Scoville.


Curry Powder
A complex yet popular blend of herbs and spices that originates from South Asian cuisine.   

  • Origin: Malaysia.

  • Taste: Mild Spicy/Hot.

  • Size: 30 Mesh.

  • Colour: Orange.

  • Carton: 6 x 3kg Tins (18kg).

Freshly harvested red, natural flavoured sweet paprika peppers, which have been washed, dried and ground. 

  • Origin: China.

  • Halal & Kosher Certified.

  • Colour: Red (120-130 ASTA).

  • 25kg Kraft Bag with PP Liner.