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Apricots & Dates

Apricots & Dates

Often stone fruits are seen as just a simple and easy snack, but they are so much more than that, especially when we start looking at them in dried formats.

Turkey is one of the largest producers of apricots, producing approximately 800,000 tonnes each year. In dried format, the apricot's natural flavours intensify, bringing out added sweetness & texture. Think about uses such as an apricot vinaigrette for a delicious added sweetness to salads, or a spicy apricot harissa to pair with roasted cauliflower. Even an apricot sticky baked salmon sounds absolutely divine.

Dates are small, sweet fruits grown in large bunches on date palm trees. A single bunch can contain as many as 1,000 dates. Found in hot, dry climates, dried dates have one of the highest sugar contents found in dried stone fruits. For this reason, dried dates are often used as an alternative to sugars and golden syrups in a range of different products. For example Sunnie, an American "ready to eat" pre packaged snack company have created a sugar free "Cocoa Dipper" cracker, that uses dried dates as the natural sweetener instead of sugars.

So next time you look at a dried apricot or date, think of it more than just a simple snack. The world is your oyster, in both sweet and savoury applications. 


Did you know apricots are closely related to almonds, peaches, plums and cherries?

  • Carton: 12.5kg.

  • Whole and Pitted.

  • Colour: Yellow/Orange.

  • Size: Jumbo.

  • Origin: Turkey.


Diced Dates
These flavourful diced dates are perfect for granolas, mueslis, baking and more!

  • Origin: Pakistan.

  • Colour: Dark Brown.

  • Carton: 10kg.

  • Size: 8-10mm.


Diced Apricots
These dried apricots hold their delicious sweetness by being chopped, pitted, washed and cleaned before being lightly coated in rice flour to preserve flavour.

  • Origin: Turkey.

  • Halal and Kosher Certified.

  • Size: 6-8mm.

  • Carton: 12.5kg.


Pitted Dates
For easier snacking and usage, these premium dates have been pitted. 

  • Origin: Iran.

  • Halal Certified.

  • Carton: 10kg.

  • Colour: Dark Brown.

  • Size: 110 pieces / lb.


Date Paste
A naturally sweet substitute for sugar and maple syrup in baking and cooking.

  • Origin: United Arab Emirates.

  • Halal and Kosher Certified.

  • Colour: Brown.

  • Carton: 25kg.