About Us

Local & Global Sourcing

Taking advantage of our range of global and local networks, NFTC can offer a range of products that suit your country of origin requirements. Our ingredients have full traceability and are sold directly to our customers at highly competitive prices. We also offer a range of value added services in conjunction with our parent company Langdon Ingredients.

Product Development

• Tertiary qualified application technologists • Purpose built innovation facility
• Contemporary kitchen for joint development and demonstrations
• Proactive market research and development • Experienced project management
• Confidential project collaboration • Development of customised blends or products
• Identify opportunities for process and product improvements

Quality Assurance

  • Quality management system – A Grade BRC

  • Food Import Compliance Agreement – FICA

  • Quarantine approved premises

  • Regulatory team that provides expertise in:

    • Product specification, ingredient use and problem solving

    • Labelling and regulatory requirements

    • Organics, Halal and Kosher

Certifications and Agencies

• Australian Certified Organic • Kosher and Halal certified products
• Member of International Nut & Dried Fruit Council (INC)
• Agent for Bright Lights Almonds • HACCP approved

Laboratory Testing

  • Fully equipped laboratory

  • Laboratory managed by Agrifood Technology Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and NATA certified Microbiological, physical and chemical testing including:

    • Pathogens Department of Agriculture and Water Resources / IFIP testing

    • Allergen testing

    • Pesticide and heavy metal screening

Warehouse & Logistics

• Facilities only handle food ingredients • Operates under BRC and HACCP
• Department of Agriculture approved sites- bonded, FICA and QAP
• High level of safety • Ambient, chilled and frozen storage
• Odour and allergen segregated zones • Climate and humidity controlled storage
• Offers a full spectrum of customer focused 3PL supply chain services in a cost-effective manner

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